The central and most vital ministry of IREF is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ .

IREF is committed to equipping ordinary Christians in local churches to share the good news of Jesus with their fellow nationals. In addition, 250 full-time evangelists, both men and women, are supported by IREF through the Evangelist Sponsorship scheme. For as little as £1 a day, sponsors are able to provide basic living expenses for the evangelists and their families.

IREF takes seriously its responsibility to prepare Indian Christians as leaders, and to equip its messengers of the Gospel, as well as possible. To this end, all the evangelists receive regular, in-service training. Over 400 towns and villages within a 200-mile radius of Repalle, where IREF’s headquarters are situated, have been reached by IREF’s evangelists, who often travel on foot or by bicycle to access remote villages.

Telegu tracts and Bibles are distributed, and villagers are invited to attend open-air evangelistic meetings. Many new congregations have been planted in this simple way. Church buildings have been constructed in many villages. Church buildings not only provide a focal point for proclaiming the Gospel and a place for believers to meet in. They also serve as places of safety and shelter during the severe storms and floods that so often hit this part of India.

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